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From December 13, 2022

12-hour interview with Antonio López on the Caixa Forum Plus platform

On December 13, La Caixa Foundation launched a new free subscription platform for broadcasting cultural content: Caixa Forum Plus.

This project aims to make quality content in cultural and scientific dissemination available to the general public in Spanish.

Among the many documentaries and videos available, you can watch the 12-hour interview with Antonio López; recorded for the La Fábrica Creators Archive project that collects the testimonies of the most outstanding creators of the Spanish cultural scene. In it, Antonio talks about his life and career, bearing witness to those of María Moreno.

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24 January-28 February, 2021

Extension of the exhibition of Antonio López and María Moreno in Valencia

The exhibition entitled "Antonio López" has been extended for a month. It hosts a wide selection of works by Antonio López and María Moreno at the Bancaja Foundation in Valencia.


It will close on February 28, 2021.


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Bodegón de la sandía, 1990.jpg

17 September 2020

Press release from the Bancaja Foundation, Valencia

Here you can read the press release prepared by the press office of the Bancaja de Valencia Foundation about the exhibition "Antonio López" that will open on September 24.


It will be the first time that María Moreno, to whom an entire section of the show is dedicated, and Antonio López exhibit together, apart from the joint participations they have made in various group exhibitions.


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Cámara_con_bicicleta. Maria Moreno

July 25, 2019

Opening of the exhibition

 The Poetics between abstraction & Figuration

The New York headquarters of the Cervantes Institute will host the last stop on the tour of the exhibition Poetics between abstraction and figuration, which can be enjoyed until September 8.

Lilas, María Moreno

20 September, 2018

Opening of the exhibition

Secuencias de la realidad

On September 20th an exhibition devoted to contemporary figurative painting will be inaugurated at the Da2 center in Salamanca, where several works by María Moreno will be on display  until the end of December.

baja, 12-(U&M-1).jpg

23 to 27 February 2022

Painting by María Moreno at the ARCO fair

During the ARCO 2022 fair, between February 23 and 27, María Moreno's painting, Entrada de casa (1980), can be seen at the Leandro Navarro gallery stand, having been exhibited in the first edition of the fair in 1982.

Together with works by Isabel Quintanilla, Carmen Laffón and Amalia Avia, they will constitute a gallery tribute to realist art practiced by women.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of ARCO, postponed in 2021 due to the pandemic evolution.  


Catálogo María Moreno F B Valencia.jpg

23 December 2020

Presentation of the catalogue of the exhibition of Antonio López and María Moreno

On December 23, 2020, the catalogue of what has been the first joint exhibition of María Moreno and Antonio López, and which can still be visited, at the Bancaja Foundation in Valencia, comes to light.


In addition to an interview by Tomás Llorens with Antonio López, it includes the reproduction of all the works exhibited in the exhibition.


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Bodegón de la sandía, 1990.jpg

24 September 2020-24 January 2021

Room displaying the works of María Moreno in "Antonio López" exhibition at Fundación Bancaja, Valencia

The exhibition "Antonio López" will be inaugurated on September 24 at the Bancaja Foundation in Valencia. This exhibition, curated by Tomás and Boye Llorens, will cover from the beginning of Antonio's career to the present day; being an excellent opportunity to see some of his latest work.

In addition, the show will feature a room dedicated to the painting of María Moreno, the artist's wife and figurative painter with a different  view from that of the painter.

baja, 12-(U&M-1).jpg

26 April, 2019

Opening of the exhibition La poética entre abstracción y figuración

From April 26 and for six months, you can enjoy three paintings by María Moreno that are part of the exhibition dedicated to Antonio López in the Monastery of Silos, Burgos.

María Moreno y Antonio López en la fundi

7 December, 2017

Screening of the documentary about María Moreno, La luz de Antonio

On December 7th at 6:30 p.m., the documentary about María Moreno, La luz de Antonio, will be screened at the Cervantes Institute in Prague as part of the series of documentaries scheduled on the occasion the exhibition The Poetics between Abstraction and Figurative Art, which can be visited in this institution until next February 10th.

Visita Virtual Fundación Bancaja.jpg

18 May-31 December, 2021

Virtual visit to the exhibition of Antonio López and María Moreno at Fundación Bancaja

On the occasion of the celebration of International Museum Day, the Valencia Bancaja  Foundation has launched a virtual visit to the exhibition Antonio Lópezm which took place between September 2020 and February 2021. The visitor can tour the rooms displaying the selection of works by Antonio López and María Moreno and read some informative texts about them. 

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foto El sol del membrillo María Moreno

27 October 2020

Screening of El sol del membrillo at the Valencian Film Library

On the occasion of World Audiovisual Heritage Day, on October 27, the Valencia Film Library will offer a screening of El sol del membrilllo, by Víctor Erice, at 6:00 p.m.


It coincides with the exhibition "Antonio López" at the headquarters of the Bancaja Foundation in the same city, in which two rooms are dedicated to the work of María Moreno, who was the producer of the film.


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Bodegón con membrillos ...jpg

January 28-March 28, 2020

Participation in the CajaCanarias Foundation exhibition

On January 28, 2020, an exhibition dedicated to showing the work of internationally renowned women artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Nancy Spero, Kiki Smith, Paula Rego, Helena Almeida, Rebecca Horn, Nan Goldin, among others, will be inaugurated. This show, Transformations. Women artists between two centuries , will feature a work by María Moreno.


19 February, 2019

Opening of the show La poética entre abstracción y figuración

On February 19, a new itinerancy of the exhibition dedicated to Spanish art from the 50s and 60s of the last century will be inaugurated, The poetics between abstraction and figuration, at the headquarters of the Cervantes Institute in Lisbon, where some works by María Moreno can be seen until April 19.


March, 2017

The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum Screens the Documentary La luz de Antonio

On the occasion of "Women's Day", the documentaries on two of the most important figurative painters of contemporary Spanish art, María Moreno and Amalia Avia, will be shown at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid.

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